We are a fully equipped educational
maker-space for kids.


Who We Are


Bolts & Bytes Maker Academy is a fully equipped educational maker-space for kids, young adults, and adults alike combined with expert instruction. We build our classes around project-based learning, where there is no right answer, and creative solutions and approaches are encouraged.

Bolts & Bytes was founded on the belief that children learn best when they are truly interested and excited by what they are learning. Schools may be outlawing fidget spinners in the classroom – we're teaching students how to design and build their own custom spinners. We combine maker technology like 3D printing, coding, robotics, electronics and drones with a fully featured maker-space with all the fabrication tools that your imagination may require. We are here to guide, to encourage and to instruct – but more than anything, we are here to light the spark of the imagination.


Reed Beaubouef

Founder & President of Bolts & Bytes Maker Academy, Inc.

Reed Beaubouef grew up in beaches area, graduating from Fletcher High School in 1992.  Reed has a diverse set of experiences and training that he brings to the programs at Bolts & Bytes.  A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, former Director of online advertising products at web.com, educational training at UNF and a lifelong tinkerer, Reed pulled all of his passions for the arts, making and education into the founding of Bolts & Bytes.  As Reed puts it, “I want to make the kind of place that I wish I could have gone to when I was growing up.”

Yidelka Anzalota

Director of Making It Work

Yidelka Anzalota, a native of Puerto Rico recently settled in Jacksonville, earned her Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Puerto Rico.  Her work in the gas and oil industry took Yidelka all over the world, including stints in Russia, Alaska, Wyoming and Colorado.  After leaving the world of industry, Yidelka discovered a skill for teaching engineering-related programs and a passion for encouraging girls to join STEM fields.  Yidelka has a real focus on safety in the workroom, was involved with the American Society of Safety Engineers and has extensive experience with OSHA (she says too much experience!).